I'm not really aiming to be professional, but most websites/blogs/whatever-this-is have an about page. Usually they are used to introduce the creator or photographer but there's not much to introduce as far as my photography goes. Photography isn't a way for me to make money and I really try not to put my identity in it. It's a fun hobby that I can do with my friends, and something that I can put work into and grow in. I don't have the latest and greatest gear, but I have a collection that I am really proud of. Even still I continue to use the first camera I was given.
All the cameras that I use are the different collections that you see in this site. Some I use all the time and some I struggle to find a way to use regularly. I've been going at this for about 5 years and I really think I've grown in skill and have started to develop a style that I am proud of.
Right now I'm trying to go back and learn the fundamentals and create a better foundation for myself so I can grow further in this. 

Recently I got featured in Lomography's online magazine go check it out!

But that's it. I hope you enjoy my pictures.
p.s. If you found this site and don't know me hit me up at my email. I'd love to hear from you. 
Here's some pics of me just so you can see my face.
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